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Unlocking Professional Cleaning Excellence with RT50 and RT70 Industrial Floor Scrubber Machines

In the realm of industrial floor maintenance, precision and efficiency are paramount. This comprehensive guide delves into the cutting-edge features of two stellar models, the RT50 and RT70 Industrial Floor Scrubber Machines. Let’s explore how these machines elevate the standards of professional floor cleaning.

Top Features of Industrial Floor Scrubber Machines

When it comes to maintaining large spaces with diverse flooring, industrial walk-behind floor scrubbers take the spotlight. The SUNMAX RT50 and RT70 exemplify top-tier features, including powerful scrubbing capabilities, ergonomic design, and versatility across various floor surfaces.

Powerful Performance Metrics: RT50 vs. RT70

RT50 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Machines
SM70 Industrial Floor Scrubber

The RT50 boasts a 22-inch brush cleaning path, covering 30,000 sqft/h, making it ideal for compact spaces. On the other hand, the RT70 takes it up a notch with a larger capacity, ensuring efficient cleaning for more extensive industrial areas. The 31-inch suction width and robust vacuum systems of both models guarantee a thorough cleaning process.

Advanced Cleaning Technologies: Brush Rotation Speed and Pressure

The brush rotation speed of 200 RPM, coupled with a brush/ pad pressure of 50 lbs., defines the superior scrubbing capabilities of the RT50 and RT70. This advanced technology ensures effective dirt and grime removal, leaving floors spotless. Adjusting the pressure allows for tailored cleaning based on floor types, from delicate tiles to resilient concrete.

Dual Tank System for Efficient Water Management

Both models feature a dual-tank system, with a 13.2-gallon clear water tank and a 14.5-gallon sewage water tank. This intelligent design enhances water management during cleaning operations, minimizing downtime for refills and ensuring continuous, uninterrupted use.

Long-lasting Battery Power: Voltage and Run Time

While the RT50 relies on lead-acid batteries, the RT70 embraces cutting-edge lithium battery technology. With lithium batteries, the RT70 offers enhanced performance and quicker charging times.

Charging Time and Continuous Run Time: The RT70 boasts a rapid charging time of 3.5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between cleaning sessions. With a continuous run time of 5 hours, these lithium-powered machines deliver sustained cleaning power.

Bottom Line
RT50 Battery Powered Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber
Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber
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Bottom Line
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30000 sqft/h Working Efficieny
Ride-On Floor Scrubber
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Lithium Battery
41000 Sqft/h Working Efficieny

Durable Construction and Noise Management: Quality in Every Detail

Constructed with anti-corrosion materials, these floor scrubbers guarantee longevity, even when used with various cleaning agents. With a noise level of 68 dBA, both models prioritize a quieter operational environment without compromising on powerful performance.

User-Friendly Controls and Easy Assembly: Minimizing Downtime

The RT50 and RT70 are equipped with user-friendly controls, contributing to ease of use and operational efficiency. Assembly is a breeze, taking only 5 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal utilization of these industrial-grade floor scrubbers.

Reliable Warranties and Customer Support: Assurance for Long-term Satisfaction

Both models come with a robust 2-year manufacturer warranty, including free replacement of non-wearable parts within this period. Responsive customer support adds an extra layer of assurance, ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for users.

Professional Training Programs: Maximizing Operational Proficiency

To unleash the full potential of the RT50 and RT70, manufacturers offer professional training programs. These programs empower users with in-depth knowledge, ensuring safe and optimized operation, thereby maximizing the machines’ cleaning performance.

In the competitive landscape of industrial floor scrubbers, the RT50 and RT70 emerge as leaders, blending cutting-edge technology with durability and user-friendly design. These machines redefine professional floor cleaning, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and versatility for diverse industrial and commercial settings. Elevate your floor maintenance standards with the precision and power of the RT50 and RT70 Industrial Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Machines.

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