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Powerful 40-HP Rotary Screw Shop Air Compressor, 173 CFM @ 125 PSI, 3/60/460 Volt, 3-Phase



Powerful 40-HP Rotary Screw Shop Air Compressor, 173 CFM @ 125 PSI, 3/60/460 Volt, 3-Phase


This shop air compressor is designed for workshop or industrial settings. It can power various air tools, such as dry ice blasting, nail guns, sanders, and spray guns.

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The Nx Series shop air compressor with iCommand Touch Controller was awarded the Gold Award for the 2015 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Compressed Air.

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This NxB-30 shop air compressor features


Designed for quiet operation. Integration of centrifugal blower and drive motors makes for exceptionally smooth and quiet operation. Extra-thick sound insulation reduces noise. Can be installed in applications where a quiet setting is essential.


The ultimate in system protection and reliability. Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat
Extends component life and reduces downtime. Compartmentalized airflow design and standard aftercooler.


Built to the highest levels of dependability and reliability. Standard TEFC motor protects the shop air compressor from surrounding dirty air, increasing efficiency and prolonging the motor’s life.
Spin-on air/oil separator allows for quick maintenance and results in one-to-three PPM oil carryovers. This translates into lower make-out oil costs and higher-quality compressor air.


Designed for the low cost of ownership and easy service.

Space-saving design
Pulsation-free air
100% continuous duty
Extended service intervals
More CFM per horsepower
Improved air quality
Energy efficiency at full load delivers more air for the mone integrated into a smaller footprint. Exclusive air ends utilize the latest rotor profile to maximize efficiency.


The ideal combination of variable speed drive, controller, and drivetrain.

The VSD – time-proven directly coupled design – offers faster response and greater operational efficiency
Variable operation slows airend speed, which lowers energy costs and reduces wear.
With DemandSmart technology, the VSD enhances quality by stabilizing air pressure at 1 psi increments
Built-in DC Choke protects against harmonic disturbances and eliminates the need to source additional corrective devices
iCommand Controller is intuitive and easy to use while precisely delivering compressed air usage

  • Fixed Speed Base Mounted 30 – 37 kW

Technical Data

  • Brand: FS-Curtis
  • MODEL: NxB-30
  • Type: Shop Air Compressor
    100 psi: 196
    125 psi: 173
    150 psi: 162.5
    175 psi: 149.1
  • MOTOR: 30 / 40
  • SOUND LEVEL(dBA): 71
  • DIMENSIONS(Lx W x H In.): 53 x 37 × 66
  • WEIGHT(Lbs.): 1812


* command – Basic electronic controller
* Vibration isolators
* Leak-free design with heavy-duty piping hoses and O-ring seals
* eCool™ Technology
* Washable cabinet pre-filtration panels
* Built-in heavy-duty air intake filter
* Powder-coat painted enclosure
* Spin-on oil filter and air/oil separator
* Air-cooled oil cooler & aftercooler
* Multi-function oil valve
* Load/unload with modulation
* Factory filled FSC-8000 synthetic lubricant
* Laminated oil-proof sound insulation


* Premium Efficiency TEFC (IP55) motor
* NEMA-1 electric panel
* Wye-Delta motor starter
* 115/18V control voltage transformer
* Dryer voltage – 1/60/230V

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Additional information

Weight 1812 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 37 × 66 in


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