Floor Scrubbing Revolution: Unveiling the Power of RT50, RT50D+, and RT120

Hey there, cleaning aficionados! Are you on the hunt for a way to make your cleaning tasks more efficient and less of a chore? Well, it’s time to upgrade your cleaning arsenal with SUNMAX’s RT50, RT50D+, and RT120 floor scrubbers. These machines are set to revolutionize your cleaning experience.

First up, let’s chat about the RT50. This walk-behind scrubber is a dream come true for small to medium-sized spaces. With a 14.5-gallon tank, it can tackle up to 30,000 square feet per hour. Picture this: more cleaning done in less time, and your floors looking like they’ve just been waxed.

Now, if you’re tackling a larger space, the RT50D+ might be the scrubber for you. This self-propelled scrubber boasts the same 14.5-gallon tank, but it ups the ante with a cleaning rate of 36,000 square feet per hour. Its self-propelled design makes it a breeze to clean vast areas.

For those with wider cleaning paths to cover, the RT120 is your go-to guy. This 34-inch wide scrubber packs a 33-gallon tank and dual brushes, making it a powerhouse for large logistics centers or sports arenas.

Before you dive into scrubbing, prep your floors. Use a broom or vacuum to clear away any loose debris and dust. This way, you’re protecting your scrubber’s brushes and ensuring top-notch cleaning results.

Next, choose the right cleaner for your scrubber. For the RT50 and RT50D+, we recommend a low-foam detergent to prevent an excess of suds from affecting suction. For the RT120, you might need a more potent cleaner to tackle those stubborn stains.

During the scrubbing process, keep an eye on your water tank levels. When it’s time to switch to the extraction mode, simply lift the brushes and engage the suction motor. This will leave your floors not only spotless but also dry and ready for action.

Safety first, folks. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear and keep your hands a safe distance from moving parts. After all, we want your floors to shine, not your band-aid collection.

Post-cleaning, don’t forget to empty and clean the water tank. For the RT50 and RT50D+, you can easily detach the tank from the machine, while the RT120 is designed with an easy-to-clean system.

Finally, take a moment to appreciate the fruits of your labor. These scrubbers not only boost your cleaning efficiency but also make your workspace sparkle. Whether it’s the RT50’s impressive cleaning rate, the RT50D+’s self-propelled convenience, or the RT120’s dual-brush prowess, SUNMAX’s scrubbers have got you covered.

In a nutshell, SUNMAX’s RT50, RT50D+, and RT120 floor scrubbers are game-changers in the cleaning industry. They elevate cleaning efficiency and make the process a whole lot easier. So, why not give them a whirl? Make your cleaning tasks more efficient and leave your floors looking brand new. Happy scrubbing!

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