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At CleaninGuy, we believe that a clean space is a productive space. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing businesses with the most advanced cleaning products on the market.

Our journey began with a small team of engineers and cleaning experts passionate about finding a better way to clean. They poured their hearts and souls into developing a line of cleaning machines to revolutionize the industry.

Over the years, we’ve always kept sight of our mission. Our machines are practical and efficient, saving businesses time and money while providing a cleaner, healthier environment for employees and customers.

But we don’t just sell machines. We offer a complete cleaning solution with expert training and ongoing support. A partnership with CleaninGuy is a partnership for life. We’ll always be there to help our customers achieve their cleaning goals.

So if you’re ready to experience the power of CleaninGuy, join us on our mission to create a cleaner, more productive world.


Battery Powered Walk-behind Industrial Floor Sweeper

—— “This sweeper has a water spray feature, making it easy to keep our facility clean and dust-free. A small purchase with a huge reduction of cleaning time and cost.”

dry ice blasting machine

—— “It’s Ultra-cool! I mean the air and the machine. Bought to clean the car engine, it removes dirt, grime, and stains extremely effectively.”

SM350 Walk-behind Commercial Carpet Extractor

—— “Great machine for hotel carpet cleaning, worth it compares to other carpet cleaning machines.”

SM20 Wet/Dry Vacuum

—— “It works as described. I use it to clean the floor and carpet. Picks up all the wet and dry debris.”

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