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4 Life-Changing Steam Cleaners Allow You Clean without Chemicals Efficiently at Home

Viruses are everywhere these days, so does chemical. We use chemicals to kill viruses, and then new viruses are generated. It sounds like a non-stop battle. I’m so tired of this and want to find a way to clean without chemicals, and I bet you are, too.

Then I found some heated treatments for viruses, just like opening a new window. It is the best choice of clean without chemicals, so efficient, safe, and easy to operate that I want to share them with you all.

clean without chemicals
4 Life-Changing Steam Cleaners Allow You Clean without Chemicals Efficiently at Home 3

Why won’t Chemicals work?

Think again if you consider using chemicals to eliminate viruses a better option! You’ll have to pay to buy chemical treatments every time. Even if they are broken up into smaller payments, but the total costs are still very high!

And there is no guarantee that you will kill all the viruses! But you’ll have to live with the chemicals every day or so. You’ll have to apply chemicals consistently and re-apply them regularly before achieving substantial results. And if viruses don’t come in direct contact with the chemicals, they will survive and start a new infestation!

Additionally, these chemicals are unsafe for the environment, children, and pets, making them unadvisable to use in human areas.

Why are heat treatments the most effective choice of clean without chemicals?

Heat ensures that 99.99% viruses are fully exterminated as soon as possible because it penetrates all the voids in a home. That’s why it is the most effective way of clean without chemicals.

Doing heat treatment typically requires specialized equipment that only professionals can afford. But now, you can use them at an affordable cost!

Heat Treatment Sounds Professional, But Now You Can Do It Yourself!

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners are the most efficient way to clean without chemicals because steam is the hottest weapon to kill viruses. Use water only, and you can apply it to various surfaces around our house: kitchen appliances, bathroom, carpet and upholstery, floor and tile grout… name it.

Steam Cleaners can quickly remove grease, oils, stains, and dirt and dry in seconds; you don’t need to wipe the surface again and again. Fill the tanks with only water and wait for less than 1 minute; you are good to go.

Here are some excellent steam cleaner products I’ve bought from Amazon, and I think they are worth every penny:

BISSELL 39N7A Steam Shot Deluxe Hard-Surface Cleaner

1000-Watt Power Rating, Power Cord Length Is 20 Feet

Tank Capacity: 6. 6 Ounce.

Heater Warm-Up Time: 30 Seconds.

Includes 10 Tools. Clean and Sanitize Multiple Surfaces.

This hand-held steam cleaner comes with multi-purpose scrubbing brushes, can be used on various surfaces. Heat up in only 30 seconds. From showers and windows to counters and floors, there isn’t a surface that can’t be cleaned with steam. The steam dries in seconds and left a perfect results behind.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Superheated steam up o 275°F/135°C
50 minutes of cleaning time per fill-up.
Comes with a microfiber cloth, but you can also use any regular towel or cloth, no need for expensive special pads!
Light, compact and portable.

Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner

Up to 293°F / 145°C super hot steam and 40 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.
14-piece accessories kits
Made in Europe.

Heats up quickly, and the run time was surprisingly long. It takes 10 minutes to cool down and 8 minutes to come up to operating temperature when refilled to continue a cleaning session.

Clean without chemicals for Bed Bugs

Heat treatment can also kill bed bugs; some professionals already use heat treatment instead of chemical treatment. If you want to treat the whole house or room, I suggest finding professionals using heat treatment. If there are only several small items after traveling, you can consider this product:

ZappBug The Oven 2 XL Large Bed Bug Heater

It is an excellent choice for eliminating bed bugs and other pests from smaller items. The product comes with two 1500-Watt programable heaters & wireless thermometer to ensure the necessary temperature & time inside the chamber. The size is 39.5*39.5*28 inches, which is large enough to treat household items such as luggage, chairs, shoes, books, clothes, bedding, and other small furniture pieces.

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