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Floor Buffer

SM420AC 17″ Professional Multi-Functional Floor Buffer Scrubber – High Power, Large Capacity for Industrial and Commercial Use

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Ride-On Floor Scrubber

SM860 34″ Ride-On Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine, 34.3 Gal Sewage Tank, Dual Brushes, 80000 Sqft/H

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Tomahawk Industrial 38" Walk Behind Sweeper with Triple Power Side Brooms

38″ Tomahawk TOS38 Industrial Walk Behind Sweeper with Triple Power Side Brooms

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SM70 Ride-On Floor Scrubber Machine

Ride-On Floor Scrubber Machine RT70, 22″ Brush Cleaning Path, 41000 Sqft/h Efficiency

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RT50+ 22" Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber

Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber RT50+, Lithium Battery Power, 13.2 Water Tank, 30000 Sqft/H

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SM1250+ 49" Ride-on Industrial Floor Sweeper

49″ Industrial Ride-on Floor Sweeper SM1250+, 69000 Sqft/h, 3.5 hr Fast Charging Lithium Battery

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Ride-On Floor Scrubber Machine RT70

22″ Ride-On Floor Scrubber Machine RT70+, Lithium Battery, 41000 Sqft/h Working Efficieny

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Walk-behind Floor Scrubber Machine

14″ Walk-behind Floor Scrubber Machine RT15+, Heavy Duty Brush, 14500 sqft/h, Cordless Lithium battery

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RT980 38" Manual Push Powered Floor Sweeper

RT980 38″ Manual Push Powered Floor Sweeper, 38,000 sqft/h, Triple Brushes

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RT980S 38" Manual Push Floor Sweeper

RT980S 38″ Manual Push Floor Sweeper, 38,000 sqft/h, Triple Brushes, Air filter For Dust Control


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SUNMAX RT15+ 14" Walk-behind Floor Scrubber Machine, Heavy Duty Brush, 14500 sqft/h, Cordless Lithium battery
James hopkins
sanitmax customer
This is a very much bare-bones floor scrubber unit. But as a small janitorial company this is exactly what we can afford and it works perfectly for what we need.
Amazon Customer
Digital Artist
sanitmax customer
This floor machine works great on our concrete floors. After adding a little enzyme cleaner to the water, it's even better. For a great little machine you need this ! A little slow but if enough water is allowed to be put down it will vacuum the concrete dust.
sanitmax customer

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At CleaninGuy, we revolutionize the chore of cleaning into a seamless and highly efficient experience, tailor-made for your business needs. Specializing in industrial cleaning equipment, our extensive range is meticulously designed to elevate the cleaning standards of various business environments. Whether it’s the dynamic efficiency of our floor scrubbers, the precise cleaning prowess of our versatile dry ice blasters, or the deep-cleaning capabilities of our steam cleaners from Mrs. Meyer, each product in our inventory is a testament to innovative and sustainable cleaning solutions. Our commitment goes beyond just supplying machines; we aim to transform how you view and manage cleaning tasks, making them less of a burden and more of an efficient, manageable aspect of your operations. With CleaninGuy, prepare to experience a cleaner, more productive workspace where every cleaning challenge is met with an advanced, effective solution for your kitchen surfaces.

Unparalleled Range of Industrial Cleaning Machines

Our selection of industrial cleaning machines caters to diverse cleaning needs, including floor cleaners and trash cans. Whether it’s the robust floor sweepers for vast industrial spaces or the precision of steam cleaners for detailed cleaning, our products embody efficiency and durability. Dive into our latest collection, featuring top-grade equipment like the best-in-class floor burnishers, pool cleaners, and high-performance pressure washers. Each machine epitomizes technological advancement tailored to simplify your cleaning process.

Tailored Solutions for Every Cleaning Challenge

Understanding the unique demands of different industries, CleaninGuy offers more than just cleaning machines. Our extensive range of industrial cleaning equipment is designed to tackle various cleaning tasks easily. From municipal to commercial settings, our appliances, like the advanced robot vacuums and carpet extractors, are crafted to deliver optimal cleaning results. We’re not just selling machines but providing comprehensive cleaning solutions backed by expert training and unwavering support.

Committed to Your Cleaning Success

CleaningGuy is more than a provider of industrial cleaning equipment; we are your partners in maintaining a clean and productive environment. Our journey began with a dedicated team intent on revolutionizing the cleaning industry. Today, we stand proud as a leader in offering efficient, cost-effective solutions for businesses worldwide. Join us in our mission to create cleaner, healthier spaces and discover the power of our state-of-the-art home care technology, ensuring sustainability with our sustainable purpose cleaner products.

Experience the CleaninGuy difference today and elevate your cleaning standards to new heights. Explore our range, embrace innovation, and step into a world where cleaning is not just a task but a seamless and productive experience.

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