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The most efficient Industrial cleaning equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine

22 lb Hopper Capacity
5 Nozzle Sizes & Types
Complete set of Accessories
Compact Design
Free Shipping! 2-year warranty

SM1000 Dry Ice Blaster

Cleaning Videos

Demonstrate the cleaning effect of the industrial cleaning equipment.

SM1050 Walk-behind Industrial Floor Sweeper

The SM1050A/B Walk-behind Sweeper is battery-powered, gentle on the floor, and leaves no streaks or dirt behind. The main and side brushes’ height can be adjusted to fit the ground condition, making them perfect for different areas.

How to Operate SM1000 Dry Ice Blasting Machine?

Dry Ice Cleaner uses reclaimed carbon dioxide to freeze and blast away contaminants; it provides a quick, environmentally responsible, and technologically advanced solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges.

SM350 Commercial Carpet Extractor Cleaning Machine

Perfect for cleaning large carpet areas, such as hotels, offices, airports, and other commercial and industrial settings, and public spaces where large amounts of foot traffic can result in heavy soiling and stains on carpets.

Latest Cleaning Ideas

 Valuable tips and tricks to ensure your cleaning routine is fast, efficient, and effective.

Best Floor Cleaning Robots

9 Best Floor Cleaning Robots of 2023

Floor cleaning robots have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a convenient way to maintain clean floors without the need for manual labor. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for your needs.
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5 Reasons Why Industrial Dry Ice Blasting is A Revolutionary Cleaning Solution for Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing involves producing various automotive parts and components, which require precision cleaning to ensure optimal performance and functionality. Industrial Dry Ice Blasting is a revolutionary cleaning solution that offers several benefits over traditional cleaning methods, making it an ideal choice for automotive manufacturing.
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